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Lus / Lice. 1983. HD. - RareFilmFinder


29. mar 2019 ... Lus er en dansk børnefilm fra 1983 instrueret af Anette Pilmark og efter manuskript af Anette Pilmark og Per Schultz. Lisa er 6 1/2 år gammel og ...

Naděje zítřka. 2006. - RareFilmFinder


Apr 15, 2019 ... CZ. Je jí patnáct. Je nejlepší ve všem. Především v tenise. Tedy alespoň v okrese . Prozatím. Otce miluje a nenávidí. Matku miluje a nenávidí.

Hej skola - Marie börjar skolan. 1972. - RareFilmFinder

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Mar 29, 2019 ... EN. Old Swedish documentary about a girls first day in school. Aired 20 august 1972. SE. Marie Jansson berättar hur det var när hon började ...

Tøsepiger. 1996. - RareFilmFinder


Apr 8, 2019 ... This is a great film about friendship and sticking together through tough times. It shows how two young girls and their families cope with their ...

Displaced. 2010. - RareFilmFinder


Mar 28, 2019 ... The story of Daniel, an 11 year-old victim of the foster system, and his last chance at finding a family. Director: Rick Stevenson. Cast: Nathan ...

Kindergarten. 1989. - RareFilmFinder


Jun 9, 2019 ... Very weird and obscure Argentinian Film made in 1989 and it was banned from theaters one day short of its release and has remained ...

Takca adani özünla apara bilmazsan / Tolko ostrov ... - RareFilmFinder

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May 2, 2019 ... The old Soviet film about the love for nature and the need to preserve and protect it. Little Naila comes to reserve island during the summer ...

To dendro pou pligoname / The Tree We Hurt. 1986. - RareFilmFinder

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May 19, 2019 ... GR: Καλοκαίρι 1960, σ' ένα γραφικό χωριό της Χίου, τελευταίες μέρες του σχολικού έτους. Η φιλία δυο αγοριών της Δ' τάξης του Δημοτικού ...

Ur kärlekens språk / Language of Love. 1969. - RareFilmFinder

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May 25, 2019 ... A modern advanced film about sexual education an behaviour based on the clinical research made by famous American and Swedish doctors.

Med osy. 1990. - RareFilmFinder


Mar 25, 2019 ... Rare Belarusian film, surreal psychological drama with elements of animation. The film tells about the fate of the twin brothers Boris and Gleb, ...

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